SAP SharePoint

SAP SharePoint

Business Process Management for SAP on SharePoint

Manage SAP Master Data and Business Processes end-to-end on SharePoint. Use Innowera technology so your business users can easily leverage SharePoint to drive business processes that go beyond SAP. Use Innowera's Mobile and Email Integration Technology to further extend your business processes beyond SharePoint and SAP.

Innowera offers a simple, yet deeply integrated technology that seamlessly connects your SharePoint environment (Workflows, forms, users, processes, etc...) to SAP. Innowera combines its proven Process Runner technology with its innovative Innowera Web and Mobile Server (IWMS) to provide customers a smart solution to their SharePoint, Mobile, Email and SAP integration needs.

  • Leverage your existing Microsoft investment by extending your workflows and forms to integrate directly with SAP, giving you the ability to manage your processes and data in SAP without leaving your SharePoint environment, always complying with your existing SAP security.

  • Use standard forms, delivered tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio, even SPD for Workflow, ensuring a solution that is not based on proprietary technology, which in turn involves additional licensing and implementation costs. Why pay for another technology license that you already have in SharePoint? Innowera's novel approach keeps your SharePoint deployment "standard" using standard forms and workflow technology that is delivered with SharePoint.

  • The entire implementation is possible without any installation on your SharePoint or SAP backend. You can use any version of SharePoint, including Foundation and SharePoint 365.

  • All this is possible because of Innowera’s powerful Process Runner technology that is combined with Innowera Web and Mobile Server. Learn more on this page and contact us to schedule your free assessment. Learn how easy it is to connect your SharePoint to SAP and extend your business processes to the next level.

Considering SharePoint and SAP integration for your Process or Master Data Management (MDM)
needs? See how Easy Workflow compares to SAP SharePoint solution in this informative PDF.

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Innowera SharePoint Integration Components

The following section highlights Innowera's key SharePoint integration components. To learn more about a specific component, click on the individual icon or scroll down the page.

SharePoint Workflow Integration



Forms for SharePoint

Connect Forms for SharePoint to SAP

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  • Nintex Form - Click on image to zoom

  • SharePoint Designer Form - Click on image to zoom

  • SharePoint Designer Form - Click on image to zoom

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Innowera SharePoint Integration allows you to quickly connect your forms that allow you to communicate with your SAP system. Innowera technology works with popular form applications like: Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Nintex Forms. If you are using an InfoPath form, simply select the template you want to use and any text you want to include, Innowera Add-in for InfoPath takes care of the rest. Using InfoPath Add-in, you will have a connection ready form to manage your SAP data in no time. Also, if you have existing forms you can quickly get them connected to your SAP system using this InfoPath Add-in.

Innowera Integration Technology is compatible with SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. Innowera has built its software to work seamlessly with these Microsoft platforms.

You'll immediately notice how quick and easy it is to create forms and templates. The user experience comes to life with simple drop downs, powerful buttons, and many ways to create ease of use when working in these powerful integrated templates. You'll have tremendous power and interaction with SAP, SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 all in the hands of your users. Productivity of your team will increase with simple interactions.

  InfoPath Add-in is available in InfoPath-2010.


Innowera Email Runner

Use E-mail to Approve/Reject Tasks in SharePoint Workflow

Imagine approving SharePoint workflow tasks from the golf course. With Innowera's Email Approval Technology you're able to do just that without having to connect to your corporate Intranet site. You can reply and email with a simple yes or no to approve or reject a request ensuring productivity even when you're not at the office.

  • This technology allows the approver to take action on an assigned task without having access to the corporate site by simply replying to an email with pre-defined (configurable) keywords.

  • Emails can contain all necessary information in the body itself to take the decision without needing anything else. Emails can also contain hyperlinks to review the tasks and approve it online. This makes it easy when you already working in the office and/or need to review other information.

  • Approvals using email is performed by Innowera Email Runner technology. Click here to learn more about Email Runner (please note that functionalities other than “SharePoint workflow task approval/rejection via email” are not included with SAP-SharePoint integration solution but you may add other functionalities of Email Runner separately if desired).


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Innowera SAP Workflow Approval

Manage SAP Inbox workflow items from SharePoint

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Approve your SAP Workflow requests directly from your SharePoint environment with Innowera's SAP Workflow Approval component. Imagine managing your SAP Workflows directly without having to leave your SharePoint environment.

  • By selecting from the list of your SAP systems and credentials, your SAP workflow approval requests from that SAP system will automatically show in your SharePoint environment as list items.

  • Approve/Reject functionality for most standard SAP workflows is available out of the box without additional development in SAP or SharePoint. Desired enhancement can be carried out as per customer requirements.

  • Innowera SAP Workflow Approval available in SharePoint 2010, 2013.

Innowera SAP Logon Management

Manage SAP logon credentials centrally for SharePoint integration

This component allows to manage user SAP logon credentials that can be used by other various components to carry out desired actions in SAP.

  • Create, modify, delete and mange user's SAP logon shortcut from SharePoint. All the SAP functions are carried out as per user's security profile in SAP.

  • User will not have to leave your SharePoint environment to manage the SAP credentials of various systems that he/she is authorized for.

  • Innowera SAP Logon management available in Office365 SharePoint. (online?)

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SharePoint Workflow Integration

Integrate SharePoint workflow with SAP

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Set up SharePoint workflows that talk to SAP back and forth.

  • Using standard SharePoint designer or 3rd party workflow solutions such as Nintex, users are able to manage their SAP data directly from their SharePoint environment, while still leveraging the full workflow functionality.

  • Calls to SAP can be made by an approver or gatekeeper directly from SharePoint by a click of a button or system call set up as a part of a workflow step or process in between.

  • You can set up a query step as well and request or fetch information from SAP to display in SharePoint form. This could be set up so that the SAP information is retried and displayed when the form is displayed for first time or it can be based on a button that user can click as needed.

  • Integrating forms into your workflow is a secure way of simplifying how you capture and manage your data between SharePoint and SAP.

Solution overview

How does Innowera technology for SAP and SharePoint integration work.

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The two technologies needed to integrate your SharePoint and SAP is the Process Runner and Innowera Web and Mobile Server (IWMS). The Process Runner application allows you to design your process, which is the brains behind what process you want to execute in SAP. You can target SAP transactions, Business APIs or extract data from tables and views. You can target both standard as well as custom objects. No development is required in SAP or elsewhere. Process Runner will generate a XML file, known as Process file. This process file will define your input/output parameters and actions necessary to execute your actions in SAP. Once this has been designed and tested in Process Runner, then you can publish this file to the IWMS, where it is converted to a static and standard web service. You can then consume this web service using any form (InfoPath, Visual Studio, Nintex etc.) or directly from workflow.

  1. Design and test process file created in Innowera's Process Runner against your SAP system.

  2. Publish created process file to the IWMS - this will publish file as a standard web service.

  3. Consume this web service from InfoPath, Visual Studio, Nintex forms or directly in workflow.

  4. At Run time: A button or event on the form or a workflow step calls the web service as per your design. That call is executed by Innowera WMS by communicating with your desired SAP backend system and result is returned to calling procedure.