Process Runner Data Extractor

Process Runner Data Extractor

Simplified Data Download
Simplified Data

Data Extractor allows you to extract table or view data from SAP in an Excel File. The graphical filtering interface gets the most relevant data quickly, easily, and in a repeatable fashion, and includes the ability to filter the extract with existing Excel data.

Data Extractor is an extension/replacement of SE16, SE17, SQVI, SQ01 (SAP Quickview or Query) and is designed to work with large datasets in the fastest and most responsive manner possible.

Target Various Databases
Target Various

Download data from SAP tables and views to various databases such as Excel and MS-Access or to a text file.

Optionally, use Process Runner DB to download from SAP tables and views to other databases including Oracle, Sybase, My SQL, MS-SQL Server, and DB2, or use the built-in XML table to work even when you are not connected to a database.

Line-Level Security without ABAP Program
Security without
ABAP Program

This SAP delivered feature allows for much greater flexibility in security and user access. SAP security is usually restricted on the table level (that is, a particular user is assigned a level of table clearance and has access to all the data on the included tables). For example, a user may have read and/or write access to BSEG or Ztable1 in their entirety, or no access at all.

Sometimes it's necessary, however, to define access to a table by stricter criteria. For example, if a user needs access to one company code record, but the code is part of a larger table containing codes the user should not see, the Line-Level Security feature can restrict access to only the appropriate cells in the table. In a different scenario, perhaps access needs to be restricted by plant, and a user needs to have access limited only to MARC table records for one particular plant. SAP offers security features to implement such line-level restrictions on table data access.

Most off-the-shelf data extraction programs do not honor this standard of line-level security without implementing their own ABAP enhancement in the customer's SAP landscape. The implications of such foreign ABAP code implementation could be far reaching.

Process Runner will honor SAP standard line-level security restrictions without needing any modification or ABAP implementation to the customer's SAP system.

Pre-run and Post-run Execution
Pre-run and

Process Runner offers Pre-run and Post-run execution of other programs or scripts. Process Runner offers many advanced SAP automation capabilities, however if you want to further extend these capabilities with an external processes, you can do so with the Pre-run and Post-run integration that Process Runner offers.

With the Pre/Post-Run integration feature, any external .Exe (standard Executable), .Bat (Batch file), .VBS (VB script), or .JS (Java Script) file can be executed before or after each run.

An externally-called process can also receive important parameters from Process Runner that can be utilized to execute its own logic, and the called processes can also communicate back to Process Runner at the conclusion to provide end to end integration.

Some of the examples Pre/Post run external processes:

  • Send an automated e-mail at the end of each run with an error/success report.
  • Look at a mount application server, Unix mount point and move the file(s) to an appropriate location before or after each run.
  • Run a macro to calculate, summarize or perform formatting of external data before each run.
  • Push downloaded data/report to proprietary software or call third party importer routine.
  • Trigger another application before or after the run.
  • Many more...
Custom Tables and Views
Custom Tables
and Views

Custom tables and views are supported. A special mechanism ensures that downloads are faster and that the application is always responsive.

Scheduling Data Extracts
Data Extracts

Using the inbuilt scheduler, one can schedule data extracts which do not require any manual/personal intervention whatsoever.

Unicode Conversion

Process Runner has several uses during an SAP Upgrade, including during the Unicode conversion process. One of the challenges of non-Unicode to Unicode migration is the data quality check and validation following the migration. This challenge is magnified if a multiple code page (MDMP) system is being used. Download this case study to learn how Data Extractor can be used to quickly and easily validate the data migration processes.

Intuitive GUI
Intuitive GUI

Process Runner's easy graphical interface makes your data extract a breeze. Most novice users will be up and running in no time. The Data Dictionary Explorer allows business users to find the correct table/view by simply typing in the English description (no need to remember SAP-style table names anymore!).

Custom Data Filters
Custom Data

This feature provides custom filtering for your data extract with the inbuilt Data Filter Builder, custom ABAP code, or by using existing Excel data.

You can also use Process Runner DB to extract data to XML or other databases.

Large Data Support
Large Data

Process Runner supports large data extracts up to the capacities of target platforms such as Excel/MS-Access 2003/2007/2010 or text output.

Light on Resources
Light on

Using Process Runner the extract processes generally will not time out and will put less of a burden on your SAP system when compared to other methods. Use this method when you want to download data from SAP tables or views.


Process Runner works out of the box. It builds upon what SAP has already delivered, and no ABAP or Transports are required to be implemented for Process Runner to function.

If SAP-delivered standard extraction does not serve your purposes, an enhanced solution is available and Process Runner is already designed to use this customized solution once you decide to implement it. This approach will provide quick deployment capabilities to suit your exact requirements.

SOX Compliant
SOX Compliant

Process Runner implementation will be as SOX compliant as your SAP implementation is, and your auditor (apart from BASIS) will love that there is not a custom ABAP program involved.

With Process Runner, you are using the standard SOX compliant sets and features delivered by SAP.

In addition to above, Process Runner DE supports many more features... More...